Never let a low battery slow you down again.

With nexy, access instant power bank rentals across Vancouver and stay charged on the move!

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Our Trusted Partners

Instant Access

Instant Access

Nexy offers immediate power bank rentals via our intuitive app. Just locate a nearby partner, grab a power bank, and continue your day without missing a beat.

Wide Network

Wide Network

With numerous partner locations throughout the city, you’re never far from a charging solution. Our widespread network ensures that power is always within reach, whether you are shopping, dining, or exploring.

Flexible Returns

Flexible Returns

Pick up a power bank from any Nexy station and return it to any other location with ease. Our flexible return policy lets you focus on your day without worrying about rental logistics.

Key Features

Stay Charged Anywhere, Anytime


Easily locate and rent Nexy power banks from multiple stations throughout Vancouver.



Our power banks support all modern smartphones and USB-charged devices, ensuring you can stay connected no matter your device.



Rent a power bank at one location and return it to any other station at your convenience, perfect for both locals and tourists.



Enjoy competitive pricing with options for short-term and long-term rentals, making it easy to choose what works best for you.



Nexy promotes sustainability by offering reusable power solutions, reducing the need for disposable battery packs.


Real-Time Availability

Use our app to check real-time availability of power banks at any station, so you can plan your rental without hassle.


Join the Nexy Network

Offer your customers the convenience of on-demand phone charging. Attract new visitors and keep them coming back for more

Elevated Customer Experience

Elevated Customer Experience

Keep customers happy and connected, enhancing their overall satisfaction and encouraging positive reviews.

Increased Dwell Time

Increased Dwell Time

Customers with charged phones are likely to stay longer, leading to increased sales opportunities.

Innovation & Convenience

Innovation & Convenience

Position your business as tech-forward and attentive to customer needs, creating a competitive edge.

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How It work

Nexy Power Bank Rentals

Join millions of satisfied customers who rely on our money transfer website for their financial needs. With our robust infrastructure and industry expertise, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in facilitating

1. Download the App

Start by downloading the Nexy app from the iOS or Android store. Create your account to access our services.

2. Find a Power Bank

Use the app to locate the nearest Nexy station with available power banks. Our map shows all locations and current availability.

3. Scan QR Code and Rent

Once at the station, use your Nexy app to scan the QR code on the power bank. This unlocks the power bank and begins your rental period.

4. Charge On the Go

Connect the power bank to your device using the provided cable. Enjoy the convenience of mobile charging wherever you are!

5. Return Anywhere

After charging, return the power bank to any Nexy station. Simply place it back in an available slot and confirm the return on your app.

6. Easy Payments

Charges are automatically calculated based on your rental time and billed to your registered payment method. Enjoy transparent pricing with no hidden fees!

how It Work

Most of our satisfied users leave their feedback

Discover why residents and visitors in Vancouver love using Nexy for their power needs. Here’s what they have to say about our service:

Always Connected

I was on a long day out and my phone was dying. Thanks to Nexy, I found a power bank nearby and was able to keep my phone charged while exploring the city. Super convenient and easy to use!


Sarah T.


Lifesaver for Tourists

While visiting Vancouver, Nexy was a lifesaver. It’s affordable and there are many stations which made it easy to return the power bank before my flight.


Mark R.


Eco-Friendly and Efficient

I love that Nexy offers an eco-friendly charging solution. It’s great to see a company that supports sustainability while providing a crucial service.


Aurora G.

Environmental Advocate

Excellent Customer Service

I had a small issue with the app, but the Nexy support team was incredibly helpful and resolved it quickly. Great service!


Liam A.

Local Business Owner

Highly Recommend

Nexy’s app makes it so easy to find a power bank. I use it all the time on campus and it’s very affordable. Highly recommend for anyone who’s constantly on the go.


Joshua K.